Hi, I'm Dan 👋

I'm a full stack JavaScript developer creating open source web applications.

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  • 📓


    Track your daily habits with flexibility. (In progress)

    Github Demo
  • 📈


    An application built to track investments, net worth and monthly spending.

    Github Demo
  • 🏡

    Property Right View writeup

    A full stack app to manage your properties, tenants and payments.

    Github Demo
  • 📊

    Kanbo View writeup

    A full stack trello-inspired kanban board with added features. High unit test coverage and CI pipeline.

    Github Demo
  • 🌲


    A WIP, non-opinionated framework build on top of express to speed up development of Node APIs.

    Github Demo
  • ✏️


    A WIP forms framework built to reduce boilerplate when creating reactive forms in Angular.

    Github Demo
  • 🎓

    Mark Nartey

    An academic portfolio for a client.

    Github Demo